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Southern Belle, Raisin' Hell

Heavenly Debbie is a greeting card line designed with touch of humor, a dash of sass, a pinch of snarky and a sprinklin' of  relatives. I grew up in a small town of 3,000 people and one stop light and mischief followed me everywhere. I have always been obsessed with funny and slightly inappropriate greeting cards so I knew when I discovered boxes of old family photos in my dad's attic that I had found my true calling. There were so many pictures, especially of my Nannie proudly posing for the camera displaying her big catch, showing off her huge cucumbers, tending to her lemon tree and hanging out by her clothes line. 


I combined my greatest loves: family, cards, belly laughs and dirty jokes. Hopefully my cards will spark a memory, remind you of a blast from the past, bring cheer to a friend and or just make you chuckle. My goal is to make people laugh and tickle their funny bones because humor and laughter are both healthy and healing.  

If I wasn't making cards my dream job would be to work as a detective, preferably a British inspector.


Fun Facts: Farts are always funny, I learned this from My Three Sons and as a kid, I was never heavenly and far from it.

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