Southern Belle, Raisin' Hell

I grew up in a small southern town of 3,000 people and one stoplight. Mischief followed me everywhere. Like the time I (mistakenly) shook dog poop on a bride. Or when I (not-so-mistakenly) set fire to our front lawn.


After college, I moved to Lake Tahoe and worked at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort, where I got the nickname “Heavenly Debbie.” And since I was anything but angelic, the name stuck.

But my devilish side found it’s true calling when I decided to start my own greeting card line, combining my greatest loves: family, cards and dirty jokes.


I’ve always loved greeting cards. What better way to express sentiments than with something you can feel, hold, save? And in today’s world of insta-face-snap-texts, it’s nice to have something meaningful that doesn’t vanish when you turn off your phone. 


The photos on my cards? They’re real. That’s my mom, dad and sisters. Me. My husband, kids, friends and in-laws. And of course, my Nannie, who loved fishing, pickling & drying laundry on a clothesline. Names were changed to protect the innocent, but make no mistake: that’s my family, whether they like it or not. 


So enjoy my cards. Laugh out loud. Tease a friend. Thank a hostess. Make someone feel better about growing one year older. And remember: fart jokes are always funny.